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Member Testimonials

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By searching with reference to codes/statutes, I’ve eliminated my need to update my annotated code, and searching by citation has freed me from my dependence on Shepard’s.  I am looking forward to making the first resource I look to for all of my case law research.”

R. Douglas


I compared Westlaw and’s case research engines this weekend.  I was doing Federal research. Even on my home cable-modem computer, [your interface] was about 10 times faster, and is of course at least 10 times cheaper!”

V. Pinto


The query interface provides excellent cross-file searching, the best of any of the alternative providers of online case law, and easier to use than either Westlaw or Lexis.


I really appreciate your pricing plans. I feel very secure knowing what my bill is going to be each month instead of always being surprised by all of the extra and hidden charges that are so much a part of all of the other legal research systems”

C. Dunn


“ is a ‘MUST HAVE’ tool.  It not only provides full searches of cases and statutes (at a better cost than competing services), but its easy links to a variety of other data including dockets, local rules, and the huge library of government forms, make this an invaluable source for any attorney.”

J. Lucas


“…the very best service, excellent, friendly and personal customer service, and hands down, without question, no competition, period, end-of-subject, *THE BEST* value I have ever gotten for the price for anything, ever, in my life. It's been a lifesaver for me. I couldn't have survived as an attorney, especially doing a lot of pro bono work, without it.  … you guys are tops! Absolutely the best! Thank you.”

L. Thompson,


I have been using’s interface for several months now. I am very impressed by your changes and expansions of databases.”

T. Calcote


“Don’t let the name fool you transactional lawyers. also places many of the assets and resources needed by business and tax practitioners including ‘user-friendly’ copies of federal SEC filings, Secretary of State filing information, and the latest IRS forms – at your fingertips, without costly CD-ROM updates or change pages to you publications library.”

N. McCall


Much of my success in court was based upon the research I did on your web site.”

D. Fairbairn,


I just wanted to let you know that your service is fantastic. My boss thinks I am superb, judges appreciate my savvy, my associates think I must never sleep, and opposing counsel believes I have mystical powers to control the universe.”

A. Neiman