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Search Demo

Step 2. Formulate Search

Now is the time to enter our search. For our example, we would like to find opinions where the word "accident" is found in close proximity to the phrase "contributory negligence" or "contributorily negligent." Using Boolean the search operator "w/" ("within"), we can create the search "accident w/100 contributor* negligen*". The "*" is a wildcard operator indicating a string of characters. If you need help at this stage, you can click on the link to Search Query Operators, Comparison Operators, or see our Research Manual.

Step 3 and 4. Date Range and Number of Results

If you would like to limit your search to a particular time frame, as we have done (see red loop at #3 below), you have that option at this point. We have elected to search only documents since January 1, 1995 – the second box can be left blank to signify today’s date. If, after you’ve submitted your search query, you find that your search has yielded too many cases, you may come back to the Search Query screen (using the Back button on your browser), alter the date range or jurisdiction, and submit again.

At Step 4, either select to limit the number of cases you want to view, as we did here, (see red loop at #4 below) or leave it at our default of 50. This is also an optional step.


Step 5. Submit Search

Finally, click on the submit button and you’re on your way.

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