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Step 2. Federal Resources

The federal resources interface is logically organized with quick links give you the resources that you need for all of your federal government transactions and filings.  You will find a vast, up-to-date library of thousands of forms and other resources categorized for your convenience from filing guides and fees to the online electronic forms.  All forms can be downloaded or printed and many of the forms can now be filled out online.  Government agency coverage includes the IRS, SEC, FCC, FDA, DOE, HUD, INS, Social Security Admin., US Office of Patent & Trademark, Small Business Admin., Veterans Admin., and many more. 

To begin we need to choose the Federal Resources page form the Government menu on the Quick Bar as shown below.

In this example we will be getting an SS4 form from the IRS to apply for an Employer Identification Number.  When the Federal Resources page comes up, click on the desired Federal Government Link, the IRS, (highlighted in blue, below).

The when the link is activated you simply choose the desired form from the list, by clicking it (the SS4 Form highlighted in blue, below).  You can then download or print the form, or in many instances you can fill it out online. 

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